Three Questions People Are Asking About Health Care in America

Q. Why is there so may uninsured people in America?A. There are over 44 million uninsured people in this country and over 75 million underinsured because of three main factors:1. Insurance rates continue to rise each year by 10-25% forcing many people to drop their health insurance.2. Layoffs in the job market have left many people in a difficult situation when it comes to protecting their families. Many of those that aren’t laid off are seeing their insurance benefits cut.3. More Americans today are facing health challenges that virtually make them uninsurable.Q. How is America coping with this growing problem?A. Not very well. The only alternative so far for many thousands of people is to seek medical care in overcrowded, understaffed, county hospitals where they virtually have no choice as to the quality of the Health Care they receive.Q. So what is the answer to this growing problem for those trapped in the Health Care Crisis?A. Well, if someone finds themselves trapped in the middle of either not being able to afford traditional major medical insurance, or not able to qualify for insurance because of pre-existing conditions, the alternative is to participate in a health care savings benefit program. These programs allow you to purchase your health care at Managed Care Prices which are the reduced rates that traditional insurance companies pay the doctors and hospitals. The better programs also offer additional membership insured benefits as well like accident benefits, daily hospital benefit, office visit benefit, and accidental death benefits to name a few. The key to finding a program to fit your needs is to look for a company that has been in business for a long time with a track record of assisting people attain these kinds of savings. A program with feature driven benefits is your best value when looking for non-insurance alternative health care solutions in today’s market.

Usage of CPF Medisave in Malaysia Hospitals and Medical Centers

Less than 1 year since our initial posting, the Singapore Government acted fast and in Feb 2010, the Ministry of Health (MOH) declared officially that Singaporeans will be able to use CPF Medisave for payment in 12 hospitals/medical centers in Malaysia starting 1st March 2010. The nearest of these 12 hospitals/medical centers to Singapore is the Regency Specialist Hospital located in Johor Bahru (Regency is just an hour’s drive from Singapore or just 25 minutes away from the Johor Bahru CIQ).With the medical bills in Malaysian hospitals expected to be some 20%-35% cheaper compared to Singapore hospitals, this is good news for Singapore citizens who now have an alternative in managing escalating health care costs. To top it up, these 12 hospitals and medical centers in Malaysia are actually owned by 2 health care group in Singapore: Health Management International (HMI) and Parkway Holdings. Expect a certain standard of medical health-care and facilities to be provided.For example, Regency’s patient care facilities and medical equipment are comparable to Singapore hospitals. It has the latest state of the art medical and diagnostic equipment including a 64 multi-slice Computerized Tomographic (“CT”) Scanner and 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imager (“MRI”) from General Electric (“GE”). In addition, its new Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (“Cath Lab”) adds to the comprehensive range of cardiac care treatments for those experiencing acute coronary symptoms in need of cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, stent, balloon or pacemaker implantation.The listing below shows the 12 medical centers and hospitals currently approved by the Ministry of Health for usage of CPF Medisave.HEALTH MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL (HMI)Referral centre: Balestier Clinic and Health Screening Centre (221 Balestier Road, #03-04 ROCCA Balestier)
Referred to:
1. Regency Specialist Hospital (Johor Baru)
2. Mahkota Medical Centre (Malacca)
PARKWAY HOLDINGSReferral centre: East Shore Hospital (321 Joo Chiat Place)
Referred to:
1. Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (Kuala Lumpur)
2. Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
3. Pantai Hospital Cheras
4. Pantai Hospital Ampang
5. Pantai Hospital Klang
6. Pantai Hospital Ipoh
7. Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh
8. Pantai-Hospital Penang
9. Pantai-Hospital Batu Pahat
10. Pantai-Hospital Sungai Petani

Advantage of Universal Health Care Insurance

Universal life care insurance is a globally accepted system to provide quality health care to citizens from all walks of life. It is a system by which basic health care expenses of a person are shared either completely by the government or partially by the government through a financial system of public-private partnership. In simple terms, when a person joins universal life care insurance, he or she will be provided free treatment either in hospitals run by the government or in certain hospitals stipulated by the government or the insurance scheme. Such a system is running efficiently in almost all developed countries in the world, especially in Europe and Asia. One notable exception from this group is United States.Authorities dealing with health care insurance in United States maintain that there are a number of private companies in United States that provide a variety of health insurance. As a well-known apostle of free market and free economy, the US must provide an unregulated market environment for these companies to engage in a healthy competition so that the consumers will get maximum benefit. They insist that in the health care insurance system in the US, the consumer have a choice in selecting the insurance scheme.The consumers can compare various insurance schemes and choose the best one according to their view. But many experts feel that the stance of the health care authorities does not take into consideration the situation prevailing at ground level. They argue that for a majority of people health insurance scheme is not their choice. For example, for employees of a private company, the company selects a particular health care insurance scheme and deducts the insurance premium from the salary of the employee. A fresh recruit to the company has no option but to select the insurance scheme of choice of that particular company. So the supposed advantage of insurance schemes of United States starkly reminds people of what Henry Ford, a great icon of capitalism, once said: “The customer can have any color as long as it is black.”Another advantage of universal health care system is that every citizen of the country will come under a single scheme which will reduce the administrative costs significantly. A prominent health agency in United States, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, pointed out several hidden costs in the present health insurance schemes, which ultimately decrease the quality of the health care and create further problems. Therefore, the institute has demanded for a universal health care insurance scheme in United States by 2010. In the present scenario, a person may not avail health care for certain health conditions because the insurance scheme he or she can afford does not support that kind of medical treatment. But every citizen of the country would benefit if a universal health care insurance scheme is put in place.