Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is spreading worldwide. It is nothing but the medical negligence of a health care practitioner who violates the governing standards of a medical community while providing treatment to a patient that result in some kind of injury to him. Health malpractice is a social evil. There is a grave need to keep a check on the adverse effects of medical malpractice.Medical malpractice could arise when, misdiagnosis occurs. If a patient is not injured due to the physician’s error then he cannot seek for compensation. Medical malpractice law is different in different states. Medical malpractice is a highly technical field of law and it requires professionals that are highly skilled to fight such complex cases. So, you must hire a competent law firm that handles you cases well.Personal injury accrues to a patient when a health care neglect is committed by the medical professional and an injury is caused to the patient. You should also remember that medical malpractice cases could be lengthy processes that are very difficult to pursue. You really need to be patient. Remember that once you have hired a lawyer your work is done. The rest of the work would be done by the malpractice attorney.These lawyers basically make sure that you get your compensation as quickly as possible. They also make sure that the accused doctor admits his mistake. An efficient personal injury lawyer knows how to take legal proceedings in your case. These lawyers accept their cases on contingency basis. This means that they only demand fees if you recover some money.As finding a lawyer is of utmost importance so you need to look for a good lawyer. You can look for a lawyer through internet. Internet is one of the best ways to look for a good law firm. Go for an attorney that you trust. He should also render you some free of charge services. So, make sure you go through this article once. Have fun!

Calling Health-Care Fraud – What it Really is

I’ve got theft on my mind this week.Last Saturday night, while I was spending some spare time acting as the opening musical act for a handful of stand-up comedians, someone took a football-sized rock and threw it through my passenger-side front window. Aside from the costs of repairing the damage, I was relieved of my satellite radio player and a pair of $3 sunglasses.This episode taught me a little something about crime, and that is that criminals aren’t known for their skills of selection. The satellite radio player is virtually worthless, as it is only good as long you have an antenna, power supply and a subscription. Perhaps they thought it was in actuality a GPS device, but a cursory check of my back seat would have shown them all they needed to know, as there was a rather large road atlas in plain view. My thesis has now morphed into the idea that it takes a special combination of hubris and stupidity to be a criminal on any level.Which brings me to the world of Medicare compliance. I read a variety of trade publications from week to week that catalog the numerous billing violations – and subsequent fines paid – by health care providers around the country. To highlight just a few from the past few weeks:

An Atlanta radiologist found himself under federal indictment for falsely claiming that he had personally reviewed thousands of x-rays and radiological studies over a period of 8 months, when in fact the work was done by non-physician radiology techs;
A New York podiatrist was charged with multiples counts of fraud for billing out complicated surgical procedures of the feet, when in actuality, he was performing the less-complicated act of clipping his patients’ toenails;
A Boston man pleaded guilty to a 54-count indictment that accused him of enlisting people to stage auto accidents in the greater metropolitan area, then turning around and billing insurance companies for therapy services at his clinics stemming from “injuries” sustained in the fake accidents.
These are only three of the more egregious examples among dozens of other cases nationwide, and remember that these are all within the last month.When I describe a compliance plan for the first time, I define “health care fraud” as “theft”. In a world where “stewardesses” have transformed into “flight attendants”, and “shell shock” is now “post-traumatic stress disorder”, it is tempting to use less pointed language to describe all-too-common objects and occurrences. Yet whether it is Medicare, Medicaid or a commercial insurance plan, the thieves such as the ones highlighted above exact a heavy toll not only on the resources of the insurer, but on the entire health care infrastructure with the increased costs of premiums and enforcement.Having grown up in a family with 5 physicians of different specialties, one of the happier aspects of my job as a compliance officer is working together with health care providers to find simple solutions, whether it be for front desk processes or documentation, that keep them from inadvertently slipping onto the wrong end of the regulatory process. There is usually a “light bulb moment” in each of these conversations when a satisfactory conclusion is reached and where peace of mind is achieved.While health care fraud has more subtlety than the mentally prehistoric toss of a rock through a window, it is no less an act of theft. Going forward, with a major national health care overhaul on the horizon, it particularly falls on those of us in the medical reimbursement field to give the best guidance possible to the providers we service to assist them in avoiding the sinkholes along the regulatory highway.

What Is Discount Health Care?

Discount Health Care has filled a void in our society whereas some 40 million citizens in the US either have no insurance benefits at all or else they are severely under-insured and therefore, might as well not have any insurance benefits at all.Discount Plans has fast become a staple in our society providing many Americans with the opportunity to go see a medical professional. Whereas, before having a discount plan, they could not even afford to go to the dentist for a routine visit.There are many different options in terms of private companies out there currently offering Discount Health Care Plans. And almost as many different plans to choose from. Whether you are looking for just a simple dental plan or you need a full, total health benefits package, you can custom tailor you plan to fit your families’ needs and your budget.When you become a member of a Discount Plan, you will receive a membership card, usually within 10 to 14 business days after registering. You will need to show this discount card to your health care provider at the time of services. And you will be required to pay your bill minus your discount. Note: These discounts are not insurance! And make sure that your current health care provider accepts the plan you choose. As I stated, there are many different plans out there and not all of them are as widely accepted. And you should be able to look up providers using a provider search tool on the Discount Health Care companies’ website before choosing whether or not to sign up with them.Discounts will vary according to the particular plan you choose and your geographical location. But you should typically see discounts anywhere from 50 to 80% off of medical, dental and prescriptions. And somewhere between 20 to 50% off of vision and Chiropractic services. These discounts are negotiated between the provider and the company or network providing the discount plan.Most Discount Dental plans will also give you a free Vision and Prescription plan as well at no additional cost. And some even include a discount Chiropractic plan. Most plans are very affordable and allow you to either pay on a monthly or annual basis. Although I haven’t seen any of them giving additional savings for choosing the annual plan, it’s more of just an extra convenience for the member.Most of the companies that I have become familiar with offer very affordable rates for the entire household. Although there have been a few companies over the years that have taken advantage of their members and have used false advertising practices. This is very unfortunate but tends to happen a lot in our society where people tend to get greedy and have no regard for their fellow citizens.Many states have now imposed strict guidelines concerning the business practices of Discount Health Care companies and some states do not allow them at all, which I think is very unfortunate as we desperately need these services in our communities. Especially for people who are having to do without health care simply because they cannot afford traditional health insurance.As our government goes back and forth on health care issues, more and more citizens of the United States continue to go without health care benefits. Discount Health Care provides one alternative to this dilemma. But you must do your homework and check out the company before becoming a member. Legitimate companies, and there are plenty of them out there, will be very happy to explain their services to you before you sign up.This article is protected by current Copyright Laws and may not be reproduced in part or as a whole in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the author.